My name is Dana Miller and I am a lawyer living near Baltimore, Maryland. I also live with a number of chronic illnesses including lupus, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, and chronic migraines that relate to a Chiari malformation.

My journey with aromatherapy started when I was a child. I remember being in a local gift shop and discovering essential oils for the first time. They smelled so wonderful and my curiosity was immediately piqued. I managed to convince my parents to buy me a few and on our weekly trip to the library I immediately started researching how I could use them. I played around with different blends, happening upon things that smelled “right.” Over the years and into college, I dabbled in aromatherapy, burning candles and incense and using bath oils, but it wasn’t until recently that my passion turned into action.

Over the past few years my chronic pain has gotten worse and my headaches nearly unbearable. I was trying anything to relax and when medication failed, I returned to exploring natural alternatives—including my trusty essential oils. I found that lavender helped me to relax and improved my pain levels. After some trial and error, I crafted a headache blend of lavender, eucalyptus, and grapefruit that became my go to in my diffuser.

But it wasn’t until this past week when I was leaving my acupuncturist’s office and picked up a local women’s wellness magazine that I found out that aromatherapy certifications existed. I immediately went home and started researching. I thought if I can take what I already know and build on that, I can effectively help both myself and others facing chronic ailments in a natural way. My research led me to Heart of Herbs and I immediately knew that this would be a good fit. Of all the programs I looked at, this one had the highest hour practicum by far and a very comprehensive program.

I am excited to embark on this journey and see where further exploring aromatherapy takes me!

Written by Dana Renee

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